Power for Today

The Greatest Gift

Mark 2 (NIV)

“Son, your sins are forgiven.” (Mark 2:5, NIV)

When they decided to help their friend they had no idea how helpful they would actually be. The overflow crowd pressed into the house where Jesus was teaching. The four men had decided and vowed to get their friend to the Healer, but there was no way to get through the door. As they surveyed the crowd surging around the house they noticed the stairway leading to the roof. They quickly carried their friend up and dug a gaping hole through the thatch. Then, after attaching a rope to the ends of each pole running through the mat, they lowered him through the hole to the floor in front of the Teacher. It was then they heard words they had not expected. “Your sins are forgiven.” What they expected and eventually heard was in itself difficult to believe. “Stand up, take your mat and walk.” How could anyone have the power to heal, unless empowered by God? But how could anyone forgive sins, unless he be God?

Which is the greater gift, to walk again or to be forgiven of sin? From the handicapped, wheelchair-bound, one might possibly hear an emotional argument for walking and find agreement from those not understanding the consequences of sin. But to those who understand that Christ died to reconcile mankind separated from God and subject to His wrath due to their sin, there is no doubt the eternal is greater.

Lord, I thank You for the love friends have for each other and for Your greatest gift - eternal life with the forgiveness of sin through Your Blessed Son. Amen.
- DAVID BEARDEN, Fullerton, California