Power for Today

A Happy Medium

Proverbs 30 (NIV)
Otherwise I may have too much and disown you and say, 'Who is the Lord?' (Proverbs 30:9, NIV)

AGUR, son of Jakeh, voices a somewhat unusual prayer in today's reading. He wants to be truthful. He doesn't want to be poor, nor does he want to be rich. He just requests daily bread.

He explains his reasoning in making that request: Agur doesn't want to become so rich that he strays from his Lord, nor does he want to become so poor that he would dishonor the Lord by stealing.

Being satisfied with fulfillment of our daily needs requires an unselfish and contented heart. Our human nature begs us to ask for more. Newspaper ads and television commercials encourage us to desire more than we already have or need. Credit card offers stress the ease of having it all right now. The lottery and casinos invite our money, with a slim chance to become rich. Go for it! is a common motto.

Agur's request rests in a happy medium category. However, Paul serves as our example of contentment in whatever circumstance we find ourselves (Philippians 4:11-12).

We are reminded that a righteous person can sing and be glad (Proverbs 29:6).

Let's live in such a way to sing and find joy in every day.

Dear God, gran t us the wisdom to seek You and Your ways, rather than earthly possessions beyond our daily needs. In the name of Your son . Amen.
- SUE LATHAM, Antelope, California